FASTLend – Broker & Customer Case Study

Broker Robert Knox, of Fort Knox Home Loans in Sydney’s Hills District, prides himself on offering a high level of service to his clients, many of whom are repeat customers.

“I enjoy taking the stress out of the home buying process for clients and am happy to visit them at home after hours if that is more convenient for them,” he says.

“It gives me a good feeling to do the right thing by every client.”

Robert, who has been a broker for 24 years, uses Advantedge’s FASTLend product for many of his customers because it allows him to deliver on his promise of personalised service.

“I started using FASTLend in 2010 and in fact my own personal mortgage is with FASTLend – that is how much I trust them,” he says.

The evolution of white label

In recent years, Robert has seen white label loans evolve from products that were designed for straightforward single-property loans to solutions that can fit a broad range of clients.

“Unless a client really needs an offset account, the FASTLend redraw facility will work for them and I educate my clients around this,” he says.

“In my view, offset accounts can sometimes make it tempting to spend your capital. I think it is often better to put any money straight into your mortgage.”

Innovative digital features

In addition to offering a competitive interest rate for his clients, Robert also appreciates the digital capabilities the FASTLend product offers, which make the application process fast and seamless.

“I have been using the product for so long that I can do everything online and rarely have a need to call the credit team for their assistance,” he says.

Robert has made good use of the recent digital enhancements Advantedge have introduced, which he says have delivered efficiencies for his business and enable him to provide a better experience to his clients.

“I have used the digital signing tool with a few clients now and have had no problems with it. I also use the client identification tool ZipID,” he says.

“Digital signing of documents and the fast refinancing option have really helped improve turnaround times. As a busy broker, anything that can make the process more efficient is a real bonus.”

Customer Intervie: Saqib

Bank employee Saqib is a long-term customer of broker Robert Knox, having refinanced a property and taken out a construction loan through Robert two years ago.

He recently approached Robert to refinance again and merge his two loans into one. Robert recommended FASTLend for its quick turnaround times and competitive interest rates.

“Robert gave me a lot of brochures and background material and thoroughly explained the FASTLend product to me. I was happy with the interest rate and the annual fee and was also pleased that I would have a debit card to be able to access my money and pay bills with this account,” Saqib says.


Repeat customer

Saqib, who has just moved back into his renovated property, says the loan process went smoothly and he is pleased with the service he received from both Robert and FASTLend.

“As an employee of a major bank, I could of course have approached the bank for a loan but I think it is testament to Robert’s personalised service and providing loan options that I chose to get a loan through him,” he says.

“I have also referred friends and family to Robert and am sure I will be visiting him again in the future.”