Podium Software

FAST is committed to investing in technology as a key source of competitive advantage for our brokers.

Our world-class technology platform, Podium 2.0, gives you the tools, knowledge and resources to focus on pursuing new business. Podium is accessible via multiple devices, including tablet.

“Thanks to Podium and Salesforce, I now have an extremely efficient, safe and secure business. I can securely access and work on my client information, emails, loan applications and supporting document files, from anywhere around the world, with any computer. I no longer need an office. I no longer need paper files. FAST’s investment in technology has transformed my business work-flows from a frustrating daily grind to having one of the most technologically advanced workflow and client management systems in the world. Thank you, FAST. You’ve changed my life.”

Michael Eberand CPA, B Bus, MFAA, JP Michael Eberand Finance Services