FAST recognises the importance of maintaining compliance in the effective running of your business. We've invested significantly in compliance support services to help you manage your compliance obligations with ease.

FAST’s compliance support allows you to focus on what you do best with confidence and ensures your business is fully compliant with disclosure requirements under industry regulations. Our technology platform, Podium 2.0, caters for every stage of the responsible lending lifecycle, helping you fulfil your NCCP Act responsible lending obligations easily online, while avoiding manual handling and completion of paperwork.


To assist you with your responsible lending NCCP Act compliance, FAST offers an online compliance program, CompliFast. On average, FAST Brokers have saved up to 110 hours (over 13 days per year) by using this system. Collectively, FAST Brokers using CompliFast have saved over 3,700 hours in managing their compliance obligations.

Credit Representative Support Services

As a Credit Representative of our licensee, our support services will give you the freedom to focus on your business priorities, and your clients. We provide you with training, templates, documentation and internal dispute resolution procedures, in addition to hands-on support, systems and tools to assist you in complying with NCCP Act obligations.


Our focus is on making compliance easier for you and providing best practice client support tools. Your brand and the other elements which make your business unique will remain fully under your control. If you become a Credit Representative of our licensee, you will also have access to a Credit Advice Consultant who can provide you with advice whenever you need it along the way.

Each year, our Credit Advice Consultants spend over 2,000 hours helping brokers understand and manage their compliance. Consultants are a dedicated resource, offering in-depth training, templates and monthly updates to help you. Additionally, our Credit Advice Consultants offer monthly compliance webinars, typically attracting more than 400 broker attendees.

Australian Credit License Support Services

If you choose to engage in credit activity under your own Australian Credit License only, you will be able to access many of the same resources and expertise as our Credit Representatives of our licensee, including training manuals, documents, standards, forms and templates.

You can adapt or copy any of these materials for your own business, saving you time and money on consultation fees and development costs. We recommend you seek legal advice as to the suitability of these documents for your business.

It's your business - whatever model you operate under, we have the support you need to stay ahead.

Additional Support Services for Licensees

Tools and templates

Use of all of our tools and templates for responsible lending

Favourable rates

Favourable rates on PI insurance through our insurance broker

Partnership Manager

Support from a dedicated Partnership Manager, who can access internal resources and credit advice expertise on your behalf