Business Lending Index

The Business Lending Index is a dedicated report into the third party/broker business lending environment, tracking both changes in sentiment and the value of the business lending market, capturing the insights of FAST’s brokers, settlements and borrower trends of clients across business and commercial investments.


“The complex nature of business lending means brokers provide an essential source of knowledge and advice to Australian businesses.”

- Stephen Moore, Managing Director PCF

Insights, breakdowns & more

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What's inside

This index is intended to provide a view of the total landscape of all business lending in Australia, including:

Commercial/business lending

- Commercial investment property purchases and refinancing
- Owner-occupied commercial property purchase and refinance
- Construction/development
- Working capital
- Business growth/acquisition

Equipment/asset financing

- Cars / light commercial vehicles
- Heavy commercial vehicles/trailers - Yellow goods (cranes etc)
- Agricultural equipment
- Fit-out
- And others (plant & equipment, machinery, forklifts, lathes, medical equipment, solar panels, CO2 lasers and others)